She is Hotel

April 8, 2017

She will do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams!

She is Hotel.


He is Golf

February 17, 2017

He tried to Change The World He succeeded But with a cost Everything comes with A Cost


She is Foxtrot

January 27, 2017

She writes for her. She writes for those whose voices that which cannot be heard. She is a composer, a writer.


He is Echo

December 18, 2016

No one stays alive when Echo is around.


He is Delta

December 10, 2016

The man who protects unwillingly...


Introduction: 26 patients

December 7, 2016

26 patients all share a common link. I am Dr. Lowery these stories are not my own but of my patients. So take this walk with me down these hallways of the mind. If you dare.


She is Charlie

November 28, 2016

How does one deal with being in a Criminal's mind?


She is Bravo

November 22, 2016

She may be second in command but that is not all she is.


He is Alpha

November 21, 2016

A short prose. 1 OF 6 Episodes to the series


He may lead the world but with a cost.